Next generation microphone technology. 
Made in Sweden.

The new innovative ground breaking Ehrlund Microphone with triangular membrane and phase linear electronic will capture what you hear. 
Sound engineers around the globe are amazed by the difference.

A new microphone standard is here to stay.

Watch a video about the secret behind Ehrlund


Take a few minutes to learn more about the Ehrlund story and the invention that is about to revolutionize the microphone technology world wide.


New mic is released!

EHR-D is a new addition to the Ehrlund family. With the same frequency response as the EHR-M but with the ability to capture pressure up to 135dB, it is the perfect mic for drums and loud instruments.

The mic was used during Dirty Loops live performance at NAMM 2015 at the KORG booth, and the result was astonishing.

– The toms had a huge nice bottom and all the clarity to capture Aron’s fierce rolls and stick control. I am in Love!
says Urban Näsvall, Drum Tech and Production Manager, Dirty Loops


Morgan Ågren explains his love for Ehrlund mics

Award winning brainchild Morgan Ågren has made a video where he explains his love for Ehrlund mics.
– I have tried all the mics available, but something happened when I changed to these mics.

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