Ehrlund Microphones – reshaping microphone technology

Thanks to their unique triangular capsule membrane and pristine phase linear electronics,
Ehrlund Microphones capture sound more accurately. Audio engineers around
the world are amazed at the difference they’re hearing.

We want to shift your audio paradigm.

The secret behind Ehrlund mics

Learn more about the Ehrlund story and the discovery that is revolutionizing microphone technology.

New mic released!

EHR-D is the latest addition to the Ehrlund family. The perfect mic for drums and loud instruments, this baby can handle sound pressure levels up to 135dB and has the same frequency response as the EHR-M.

– Wonder-band Dirty Loops used the prototype in a live performance at NAMM with astonishing results. The toms had this huge bottom and still captured Aron’s fierce rolls and stick control with absolute clarity. I’m in love!
Urban Näsvall, Drum Tech and Production Manager, Dirty Loops

Morgan Ågren and Ehrlund mics

Award-winning drummer Morgan Ågren explains his love for Ehrlund mics.
– I have tried every mic there is, but something happened when I changed to Ehrlund.

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